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Rejecting Digital Rights Management

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

We’re still setting up our online store now so that it’s capable of handling financial transactions. But when we finally get rolling, we’ll be selling digital downloads as well as physical CDs. Those digital downloads will be 100% free of so-called “Digital Rights Management,” or DRM, the restrictions built into some mp3 files that prevent unauthorized copying and sharing of the files.

Why? Because DRM really, really sucks. The technology is bad, and always will be. Users are treated like criminals and subjected to serious hassles when they try to switch devices. And after all that fuss, sellers of DRM’ed music are still exactly one ripped and uploaded CD away from seeing unDRM’ed versions of their music circulating on the internet anyway.

One big influence on us in coming to this decision (besides our own irritation as consumers) was this seriously awesome talk on DRM given by Cory Doctorow a while back. Today, Mark Pilgram has an awesome post on the same subject. I highly recommend them both as an introduction to the subject.