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The Choi Sacks Duo - Imagination (CD)


Most Americans alive today know the music of Joe Raposo, even if they don't know him by name. A prolific composer, Raposo wrote over 3000 songs, including such childhood classics as "Bein' Green" and "Imagination," while working for The Electric Company, The Muppet Show and Sesame Street among other timeless programs. On its second recording, Imagination, the Yoon Sun Choi/Jacob Sacks Duo pays homage to this influential yet under-appreciated artist, using his compositions as starting points for a series of experiments in texture, form and improvisation. The result is both instantly familiar and utterly original.

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Artists appearing on this album:
Yoon Sun Choi
Jacob Sacks

Full Track Listing

1. Somebody Come and Play 5:02 (Buy individual track)
2. Little Things 8:25 (Buy individual track)
3. Song of Five 1:19 (Buy individual track)
4. Bein' Green 5:49 (Buy individual track)
5. La, La, La 4:24 (Buy individual track)
6. Happiness Hotel 5:30 (Buy individual track)
7. Imagination 5:18 (Buy individual track)
8. What Makes Music 1:00 (Buy individual track)
9. Blue 4:51 (Buy individual track)
10. J Jump 3:39 (Buy individual track)
11. Not Much of a Dog 2:22 (Buy individual track)
12. Sing 5:38 (Buy individual track)

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Yoon Sun Choi & Jacob Sacks - Imagination: The Music of Joe Raposo

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  • Model: YY0005
  • Artist: Yoon Sun Choi and Jacob Sacks
  • Music Genre: Jazz

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