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Who we are

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Yeah Yeah Records was founded by Yoon Sun Choi and Jacob Sacks.

What we're trying to do

Independent avant garde jazz musicians aren't in the habit of producing music with broad commercial appeal. What we do just isn't for everyone. Otherwise it wouldn't be, you know, avant the garde. But we're convinced that our music is for a whole lot more people than are currently listening to it. Although thanks to the internet barriers to reaching people are lower than they've ever been, it's still difficult to get to people who might love our music, if only we could get their attention. So this is what we're trying to do: We're trying to get your attention.

How we're trying to do it

Hence this site. We want to build a place that jazz fans, new or old, can come to in order to browse, listen and discuss the kind of music we love to play. We figure that if you find our links section useful, you might come back. And if you find our forum interesting, you might come back for that. You'll come back, we hope, if the blog on the front page turns out to have useful and interesting posts. And if our catalog turns out to be a handy place to do comparison shopping and get information and ideas about new artists of potential interest to you, then perhaps you'll just give in and hang out here all the time. So this is how we're trying to get your attention: By making it worth your while to stick around.

That's why as we (slowly) expand we'll be listing CDs in our store that aren't put out by Yeah Yeah Records. We plan to keep our catalog small and to focus on the kind of music we love to play, mostly by our friends in NYC. And although every CD we list is unique, we think that if you like one CD in our catalog, there's a pretty good chance you'll like the others.

You'll be able to buy directly from us if you want, but we'll also be giving as much information about alternative purchasing options as we can. Now, if someone comes to our catalog and clicks on an Amazon link to purchase a CD, for example, we might get a small referral fee. But we'll list purchasing options that don't make us any money because:

  • These are our friends.
  • We love this music, and part of our mission is to promote it.
  • Seriously, did you think we were doing this for the money?
  • Once we set up our own store we figured it wasn't too much effort to list more items.
  • Bandwidth is really cheap these days.
  • If our catalog page helps people to find better purchasing options then we've succeeded at our goal of being useful. Being useful is one way of getting people's attention.
  • Sometimes in life everyone can win. It's important to recognize those opportunities and seize them.

So there you have it: our business plan, such as it is, laid out for all the world to see. We have no idea what will come of this, but we hope we'll have fun along the way. And of course we hope you do too. Enjoy.


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